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To infinity

All that I am searching for is you. In a thousand different faces. In every position I take, I close my eyes and imagine a future where you exist inside of me. Where my questions already have their response. As we are one, so we already know the answers.

Inhaling as you exhale the breath of life this exchange cannot go unnoticed. Deeply penetrating, as the eye is fixated, burrowing into these entangled souls. The level of understanding. That easily is part of our nature. Cohabitates joyfully in the gaps of silence we’ve centered inside. High above the murmurs of people talking so loud. Pining for our attention, distracting us from ourselves. With a sideways glance, or a slight caress of two hands, the pressure of needing to be on guard is gone.

Doing nothing feels productive with the company we keep. The inspiration far outweighs the need to get up and go. Hurried and needy. Comfort like this is meant to be savored. So sweaty and sweet. We have arrived beside one another separately. Laying, vibrating in the stillness we merge into being the same being. Reflected in your essence I become aware. I am present. The blessings received from the output of this energy are like galaxies of our own creation. A never-ending continuation, expressing beauty, too much for the mind of a fearer to fathom. Infinity equates to you and me. The us. The we. The pure joy of our journey, which has no end. For without you, I am not wholly me, and without me you are left in that search, searching.

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