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I Never Want To See You Sad!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Relationships in any form can be challenging. At the end of the day we never want to be the reason those we love, or serve, are sad. Below is a poem I wrote that explores the internal dialog of someone exploring this concept.

Poem: Never

I never want to see you sad

How can I help? What makes you happy?

Can I do that for you? If you want me to.

I want to try, try to see you happy.

I never thought that I would want to try.

Trying again to believe.

Believing in the moment. Every Moment.

Our moment to love.

In the midst of the music

I can see the essence of what is in the making.

I want to contribute to the passion that lives

inside of you. If you want me to.

Even through this cold phase, I will bring you warmth.

Even when things don’t go our way, I will shelter you from the storm.

Can I be a positive presence that keeps us lifted?

You’ve been lifting me up

I can explore the ways in which you concentrate.

The way your body moves makes up what you do.

I want to understand how to not overestimate

What we can make come true.

I never want to see you sad.

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